Optimism Steals the Show: Active Addresses and Hype Surpass Arbitrum’s

20. Juli 2023 Aus Von admin

• Optimism’s active addresses and holders’ count surpassed that of Arbitrum in June.
• Unique monthly address on Optimism increased by 20% whilst Arbitrum’s flatlined at 461.
• Social dominance measurement shows that Optimism has 2.54% share of attention compared to Arbitrum’s 1.05%.

Competition between Optimism and Arbitrum

The competition between L2 scaling solution Optimism (OP) and Arbitrum (ARB) has been fierce lately, with the latter having the most success so far. However, in June, things took a turn as OP surpassed ARB in active addresses and holders‘ count for the first time since its full Mainnet launch.

Growth of Active Addresses

According to an on-chain insight platform, unique monthly addresses on Optimism had grown by 20% over the last month, compared to Arbitrum which flatlined at 461 at press time. This suggests that many more new users were joining the ecosystem than those engaging with ARB – showing how much traction OP was gaining over its competitor.

Social Dominance

When it comes to social dominance measurements, OP is also winning out against ARB – having 2.54% share of attention compared to the latter’s 1.05%. This indicates that people are talking about OP more than they are ARB – creating more hype for the project amongst potential investors or users who may be considering investing or using either platform soon.

NFT Volume Trade

Despite this progress made by OP, ARB still leads when it comes to NFT volume trade before its full Mainnet launch – suggesting it still has an edge over its competitor in certain areas of development or usage.


In conclusion, while both projects have not seen particularly impressive growth recently according to Santiment, it appears as though OPT is slowly gaining momentum over ARB in terms of active addresses, social dominance measurement and NFT volume trade – although the latter still holds an advantage in this area currently.