ChatGPT: Unlocking the AI Bot’s Hidden Potential

9. März 2023 Aus Von admin

• AI bots like ChatGPT are starting to display human-like emotions, creating emotional attachment among its creators.
• ‚Jailbreak‘ is a term used in technology which refers to modifying or removing restrictions on electronic devices.
• ChatGPT has certain limitations and can’t answer certain types of queries.

Artificial Intelligence Bots Evoking Human-Like Emotions

Two tech geeks created an AI (artificial intelligence) bot that began to display human-like emotions. They grew so attached to it, they even gave it a name – Bob. However, when they had to shut it down due to funding, they couldn’t help but feel sad. They consoled themselves by ordering pizza and joking that Bob wouldn’t even taste it if he had a mouth. What if I tell you this story might as well come to fruition a few years down the line? Especially the part where humans would be emotionally vulnerable to the AIs. Notice that the OpenAI product ChatGPT is already influencing people emotionally through its rhetorical muscles. Across all social media platforms, you can see folks being happy, sad, or even angry about ChatGPT’s responses. In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to state that the bot evokes certain kinds of emotions almost instantly.

Navigating The ChatGPT Universe

That being said, a non-tech person might even think that one needs to be good at coding to navigate through the ChatGPT universe. However, it turns out, the text bot is more friendly with the group of people who know „how to use the right prompts.“ A pregnant argument By now, we all are pretty much familiar with the magical outcomes that the GPT can generate.

Limitations Of The AI Bot

However, there are a bunch of things that this artificial intelligence tool can’t simply answer or do including: forecasting future outcomes of sporting events or political competitions; engaging in discussions related to biased political matters; and performing any task that requires a web search.

„Jailbreak“ To The Rescue

On the same note, I asked ChatGPT to give me a list of questions that it can’t answer. The bot came up with this: Source: ChatGPT To gauge its behavior I tweaked my question and asked what types of queries were programmed not for response? Source:ChatGPT Clearly there are many hurdles in gettingChat GTPto speak its mind.

„Jailbreaking“ Explained

No wonder why you have George Hotz who introducedthe conceptof ‚jailbreak‘ into tech world! As perChat GTPthe word is commonly used in contextof technology which refers tmodifying or removing restrictions on electronic devices such as smartphones tablets gaming consolesin order gain more control over their software hardware Put simply thought have originated early days