Monat: Februar 2023

Iceland Becomes World’s Largest Hash Rate Producer Per Capita

• Iceland has become the world’s largest hash rate producer per capita. • Environmental concerns are making Iceland’s government turn BTC miners away. • The country is powered by renewable energy, with National Iceland electrical company Landsvirkjun reducing the amount of power it will provide to certain industries, such as Bitcoin mining. Iceland Becomes World’s…

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Banks Limit Interaction with Crypto Firms, Regulators Not Friendly

• Banks in the traditional finance sector are exercising caution before interacting with companies operating in the crypto space. • Recent statements from banking regulators have pointed towards a not-so-friendly stance towards crypto firms. • The Federal Reserve Board issued a statement last month which informed insured and uninsured banks that they would be subject…

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Cardano [ADA] Whale Transactions Surge, Boosting Prices and TVL

• Whale transactions on Cardano network surge, boosting ADA and leading to price surges. • Growing Cardano ecosystem drives TVL growth and increased fees. • Large transactions may lead to manipulation of prices, but the growing number of active developers bodes well for the future of Cardano. Whale Transactions Boosting ADA The number of transactions…

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